Milky Mothers Lactation Cookies are produced in a high grade food production facility that has been manufacturing goods for over 40 years in Victoria, Australia. 

Developed alongside nutrition professionals, Milky Mothers combines natural ingredients including specific vitamins and minerals targeted to help meet the Australian Nutrient Reference Values for Breastfeeding Mothers 

Combining well knows galactagogues, stabilised wheat germ, flaxseed meal, brewers yeast and oats, milky mothers lactation cookies not only support mums and their children they taste great!


By purchasing Milky Mothers products you are directly helping us raise funds for Mothers Milk Bank Charity. A percentage of all lactation cookies sales are donated to assist families needing help on their breastfeeding journey, for more information please visit



** If you, or anyone you know, are concerned about your breast milk supply or infant health, always seek advice from a health care professional