Remedial & Rejuvenating Bath Soak




Epsom Salt: serves as a cleansing agent, provides relaxation to the nervous system, cures skin problems and heals cuts.

Himalayan Salt: assists in reduce fatigue, stress, and pain & increase feelings of contentment and emotional health

Lavender Essential Oil: Used for centuries to purify the body & Calm the mind Lavender essential oil is antiviral and a relaxant

Lavender flowers, Rose Petals & orange



Simply run a temperate bath and add 160grams, half the contents of your Bath Soak, immerse yourself in the bath for 20-30min. Wash & rinse after, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed & relaxed.


320 grams / 2 Servings

LILEO SKIN Rejuvenating Bath Soak

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